Safety and the environment: No compromises.

As a European leader in plastics technology, surface finishing, tool and mold design and above all electroplating, safety and environmental protection is of the utmost importance to us. At Heinze Group we do not just talk: We act. We make every effort to base our decisions on environmental sustainability and legal and regulatory compliance. Heinze Group is determined to use natural resources in a responsible way. It is also our aim to be a clean producer and a protector of the environment. In particular we are always looking for new methods and technologies to produce as clean as possible. We are focusing on material and energy as a fundamental key component.

Meeting tomorrows demands today.

This is a goal that the Heinze Group follows. Our production processes actually satisfy stricter pollution controls than laws and regulations actually require. This is also true for internal working environment. Year on year we have increased our investment in the efficient energy use, the reduction of waste and smart recycling systems. We can fulfil our responsibilities and remain competitive at the same time.