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„We are a German company group with an impressive history. The Heinze Group works in a cross-functional and/ or company-wide way, when providing services to you as our customers. We are able to provide specific customized solutions – either in the respective company or in cooperation with the other companies within the Heinze Group.
You as our customer can benefit from our long-term employee structure, our manufacturing expertise, our innovative capacities, our solution-oriented working and our regional market coverage. Key elements of our company strategy are sustainable investments in our employees and our plants." Jörg Tilmes, Managing Director

Nothing motivates more than assignable success:

The Heinze Group stands for continuous growth. Not because we conquer people and markets for our products, but because we win them for us. The Heinze Group currently employs more than 1100 people worldwide, approximately 900 of them in our domestic production sites. About 200 employees are working in our companies in the Czech Republic, in Kosovo and in Switzerland. Our turnover has tripled in the past 10 years and is now well above € 100 million. Our export rate is about 40%. The split between automotive and non-automotive sales is about 80% to 20%.