The idea: The floating principle and others products for the construction industry.

Why is a bird able to fly? It is simple: Its bones form a solid frame made out of hollows and struts. The bird does not carry unnecessary weight, yet its skeleton is completely stable. Our idea follows this ingenious principle of nature: Maximum weight optimization without any loss of static performance. In structural work, concrete is by far the biggest load and volume causer – that is why a reduction of this energy-intensive material proves very effective.

On this we based our idea: -with our Cobiax-System we are world leader in ceilings and ceiling modules. The Cobiax technology is based on creating defined voids inside in a reinforced concrete ceiling. Massive concrete is displaced by our plastic voids and only remains in the statically relevant areas.

Our product portfolio for the construction industry reaches much further: We supply fixing elements, clamping rails, clips, base levelers, belt rewinders, caps and many other components.

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