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Cover plate / Trim
Cover plate steering wheel
Cover plate roof interior
Cover plate seat trim
Cover plate gearshift
Cover plate middle console
Cover plates, trims for door panels
Cover plate operating elements
Cover plate loud speaker
Cover plate door handles
Cover plate day/night design
Entry elements
Cockpit display (instrument bezel, ornaments)
Decor insert (dashboard, middle console)
Dashboard trim panel
Display with hide effect
Emblem interior (airbag, steering wheel …)
Assembled emblem
Door interior knob / handle
Door interior handle (Monosandwich molding)
Key components (single parts, assembled component …)
Operation elements / HMI
Operation elements
Button, switches, knobs
Steering wheel bezel
Gear shift cover
Operation elements day/night design
USB plug console
Use console
Loud speaker trim
Multipart gear shift
Gear shifting gate
Seat adjuster
Assembly group
Functional assembly group
Technical parts (assembled component …)
Sealing element (sealing ring)
Air condition controller
Regulation controller
Design oriented functional assembly group
Light guide