“Do it yourself” is not always best. Sourcing with us is better.

Reduce your costs by streamlining your production processes. The Heinze Group has gained a name and reputation for being a system supplier for customers from different branches of industry. Our automated or manual production lines assemble the components to modules. Our combination of in-house production and procurement gives us a high degree of vertical integration and flexibility in production. At the end of the production process we will send you your tailor-made “jewels” well-packed and labeled – even worldwide.

Assembly concepts, –technologies and -methods:

  • Manual, semi and fully automated assembly concept
  • Die cutting, stamping
  • Hot welding
  • Clips, bolts, screws
  • Grease, lubricant for squeak reduction
  • Integrated camera controlled visual inspection upon request
  • Laser and ultrasonic welding
  • Application of protective foil for sensitive surfaces
  • Gate welding


  • Consignment of assemblies
  • Inline labeling
  • Part- and customer orientated packaging concept incl. EPP, EPS, PS -trays