Engineering - Made in Heinze

In engineering, we see ourselves as a trailblazer. We work with highly qualified and committed employees in all our subsidiaries. Others often had to reduce their own technical expertise: We have not done this, but rather consciously decided to develop and strengthen our staff.
That is the reason why we are able to offer our engineering services either together with our products or as separate services. Moreover this applies for all industry sectors, in which we provide services.

Engineering, development and realization for surfaces and tools:

• Article constructions for plastic parts
• Article constructions for plastic parts and different surfaces
• Fill and warpage simulations for plastic parts
• Electroplating simulations
• Tool construction
• Development services for our products

Engineering, development and realization in the building industry:

  • Economic efficiency calculations for ceilings and buildings
  • Installation plans for ceilings
  • Building supervision
  • Realization of layout plans