How we make the best quality.

How does a sporty BMW badge react to the blistering Sahara sun? Will a Mercedes star keep its sparkle at -45 °C? How quickly will a chromed radiator grill start to corrode from exposure to salt spray? The Heinze Group leaves nothing to coincidence when it comes to providing the highest quality for surfaced plastic parts. Heinze tests and simulates extreme climatic conditions in its own labs as part of its commitment to quality.

Assessment and validation capabilities:

  • Corrosion test in simulated atmosphere – salt water spray test
  • Climate and temperature cycle test, resistant test according to OEM regulation
  • Layer thickness measurement via x-ray
  • Measurement of electrochemical potential (STEP-Test)
  • Color and gloss measurement
  • UV – weathering / fast exposure
  • Chemical stain test / solution durability / surface tension / wetting tension / etc.
  • Pull and push equipment (pull / elongation / break / tear strength / load)
  • Melt index – MFI

Production process controls:

  • Torque / force measurement
  • Visual control via camera optic
  • Profile projector measurement
  • Examination of (electronic) parts inline (camera inspection, torque check, etc.)

Measuring technology:

  • 3D – measurement machine – Nikon 3D-Scan for surface analysis – compare to CAD-data (miscolor presentation)

This list is only to give you an impression of our capabilities. If you desire or require more details about the Heinze Group’s quality controls and testing procedures please get in touch with the designated team. Our team leaders will gladly oblige.