To reduce costs for you we apply more components. Alternatively, we just produce in-house in international co-productions in our daughter companies!

Need to remain flexible and innovative despite rising costs? Our Heinze and LINDEN subsidiaries are equipped for multi-component injection molding to meet your needs. Moreover, in Kosovo we resist rising labor costs and promote intentionally local development through increased internationalization. We can produce complex decorative and technical components and accessories from various materials for very attractive and competitive conditions. Make the most of what the Heinze Group has to offer.

Our innovative injection molding will turn your designs into reality.

  • 1k precision injection molding including high cavitation / family molds
  • 2k & 3k multi component injection molding with transfer-, rotation-, core pull technic and index plate molds
  • High speed injection molding / Thin wall technology (0,3mm)
  • Monosandwich
  • Insert- outsert molding
  • Processing of nearly all thermoplastic materials and elastomer (e.g. PC, ABS, PA, POM, PBT,…)
  • Foil technology (IMD / IML)
  • Fully automated high speed robot units
  • 95 injection molding machines from 25t up to 800t