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Thermal tests
Thermal cycling test
Thermal shock test
Cyclic damp and heat test
Chemical tests
Condensate test
Salt spray test
Corrosion test in simulated atmospheres – Salt water spray test - CASS
Chemical stain test
Solvent resistance
UV-weathering with / without damp
Sun / radiation test
Mechanical tests
Pulling test
Compression test
Bend test
Shear test
Torsion test
Surface tests
Paint adhesion
Color / degree of gloss
Surface tension (checking internally)
Measure the surface tension of liquids
Scratch resistance
Pencil test according to Wolf-Wilborn
Abrasion test - WAZAU
Rub fastness test
Abrasion test - Abrex
Vibration test - Abrasion
Coat thickness measuring optical process
Coat thickness measuring magnet process
Coat thickness measuring electrochemical potential (STEP-Test)
Porosity measurement
Material Tests
Volume melt flow index MVR
Melt flow index MFR
Moisture determination
Density measurement
Flammability / burning rate
Hardness test shore A
Analysis of metal content
Analysis of organic additives
Measurement technology
2D measuring
3D measuring
Analysis of indicated value
3D presentation (optical)
3D measuring (optical)
Failure / damage analysis
Digital / microscopic inspection
Microscopic inspection
Material analysis
Requirement body trim interior
Requirement plastic parts interior
Material requirement ABS finish parts
Material requirement POM finish parts
Test of coated plastic parts
Requirement of coated plastic parts
Coating of painted plastic parts - test
Surface testing of interior materials
Decor and accent surfaces
Technical terms of delivery – painting of non-metallic materials
Technical terms of delivery – painting of flexible plastic
Paint requirements
Painted Plastic Parts Performance Requirements
Tests electroplated plastic parts
Requirements electroplated plastic parts
Requirements electroplated plastic parts - Tests
Decor and accent surfaces
Technical terms of delivery – electroplated plastic parts
Material Specification - Performance Requirements - Chromium Plated Plastic Parts
Material requirements of electroplated plastic parts