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Painting systems
1K and 2K painting systems
Multi-layer systems
UV cured coatings
Water based coats
Solvent based coats
Laser engraving system
Piano black system
Selective lacquer (Electroplating)
Soft touch lacquer
Metallic effect coats
Clear coats
Lacquer surfaces
High gloss
Soft touch
Dull, silk / half gloss
Titan chrome (paint over chrome)
Polymer coating
Lacquer technologies
Flatbed painting line
Integrated rotation unit
Robot booth
Manual painting chamber
Robotic paint finishing system with UV-Monocure varnish with / without CO2 pretreatment
UV-Dual cure
Semi automated inline placement
CO2 pre-treatment
Manual pre-treatment
Sizes / Particularities paint
Masking / selective coating
Micro painting
Part height max. 200 mm
Painting area max. 1800 x 800 mm
Printing procedures
Pad printing
Screen printing
Inkjet printing
Robotic lettering deepen graphics (incl. chrome surface)
Hot stamping
Laser Technologies
Laser engraving of plastic and metal parts
day/night design (Removal of painting layers)
Laser marking procedure
Lettering of color changing material
Lettering using color removal
PVD coating