Tools and Molds „Made in Germany”.

High quality craftsmanship, flexibility, punctuality and reliability – these are only a few of the virtues for a successful partnership in the tool and mold maker business. For the Heinze Group, a customer–supplier relationship has even more to offer:

We make tools and technical devices in HeiForm and LINDEN Lüdenscheid, but at the same time draw on the experience of our maintenance departments at Heinze Kunststofftechnik and LINDEN Lüdenscheid, as well as the expertise in surface finishing at HeRo and SMK. The advantage: Our OEMs can order complete packages of tools and devices from us without the costly exercise of sourcing individual tools from individual national and international suppliers. For us quality is our catchword and you can expect first rate and long-term service throughout the product lifetime from industrialization to spare parts supply.

Our tool and mold capabilities -

Development, design and manufacture:

  • Injection molds and equipment for plastic industry
  • Die cast molds for Al and Mg
  • Jigs / fixtures for assembly of name plates
  • Development and mechanical design of components, equipment and other assets
  • CAD-System – Siemens NX, Pro Engineer WF, Catia V5 R19/R20
  • CAM-System - Mastercam, PEPS, Tebis 3.5 R4
  • Data converting, data redesign, project documentation
  • Prototyping
  • Integrated project management in the development phase – from the design idea to industrialization of a serial product
  • Long-term service and perfective maintenance
  • High production accuracy through a state-of-the-art production equipment (partially climate controlled)
  • Simulations, Cadmold, Simcon

Our machinery and items of equipment:

  • DMU100T 4-Axis milling machine with laser measurement, internal cooling; travel distance - X : 1150mm ; Y : 750mm ; Z : 750mm
  • Röders RXP 500 3-Axis HSC-milling machine ; two hundredfold tool changer ; travel distance - X : 500mm ; Y : 400mm ; Z : 240mm
  • OPS High Speed Eagle V5 HSC-milling machine with graphite suction including automation techniques Multichange Easy (40 change positions for machining of electrodes) ; travel distance - X : 400mm ; Y : 400mm ; Z : 380mm, maximum table load 250 kg
  • Gantry 800 including automation techniques Multichange Performance (128 Electrodes change position, 8 change positions for workpieces
  • Hermle C 800 V 3-Axis HSC-milling machine ; travel distance - X : 800mm ; Y : 600mm ; Z : 300mm
  • CNC-DEM eroding – external programming via PEPS
  • AGIE Progress V3 wire EDM – external programming via PEPS; travel distance - X : 500mm ; Y : 300mm ; Z : 426mm
  • OPS Ingersoll Gantry 800 die sinking - Multipuls Pro ; travel distance - X : 550mm ; Y : 850mm ; Z : 450mm
  • Reis spotting press TUS80 size 1100mm x 800mm , height 950mm, tool weight up to 5 tons
  • Zeiss Contura G2 3D-Portal-Measurement - VAST XXT detector head and Holos NT
  • Hermle C 600 V 3-Axis HSC milling machine, 42.000 spindle RPM, travel distance - X : 600mm ; Y : 450 mm ; Z : 450 mm , twentyfold tool changer
  • Röders RFM 600 3-Axis HSC milling machine, 42.000 RPM, integrated graphite suction, travel distance - X : 600mm ; Y : 450 mm ; Z : 300mm , thirtyfold tool changer