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“A single poor quality mold can bring a car-maker’s or sanitary company’s serial production to a halt. This is why Heiform invests so much in trained and skilled staff. Only the best will meet the demands of our customers.” Emanuel Tilmes - Managing Director

Precision and thoroughness is our craftsmanship.

Where does precision begin and end? For our engineers and technicians it starts at 0.025 mm – the split of a hair. We will not tolerate anything less. We have been supplying to reputable car-makers for years. Manufactures of pumps, automation and medical parts are using our CAD-/ CAM-systems for quick and cost-effective production.

We are at your service – from product development to spare parts.

Good service does not end when a project is finally signed off. The Heinze Group stores your molds to deal with all eventualities. Our tool shop (together with tool maintenance departments) is in fact able to adapt molds from third parties just in case you need to start production again.