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 “A hybrid construction has to satisfy all “stakeholders” and has to create prerequisites for the improvement in cost and construction time of your building and bridge structures. HCCS – Heinze Cobiax Construction Services – is your sole contractor for hybrid slaps and your solution for cost-optimized building shells and sustainable building structures.” 
Luigi Giannattasio - Managing Director

The future of building construction!

A balanced design and a holistic construction will give construction companies and owners an ultimate tool to execute more economical and better structures, in much reduced schedules, targeting global building costs, including foundations, excavation, seismic and wind structural performance. As a one-stop integrated supplier, HCCS will design, supply and execute a slab structure with the right balance of the two technologies that are perceived as competing when proposed by different individual suppliers. However, the hybrid combination of posttensioning and Cobiax together with the associated advanced construction methods will simplify the implementation of the hybrid application of those technologies and multiply the economic benefits of a Cobiax slab.

Advantages of our hybrid solution in an overview:

  • Slab thickness reduction
  • Elimination of many tons of high-strength welded composites in columns and substitution of passive hangers by stay cables
  • Foundation mat reduction
  • Reduced excavation
  • Main core movement reduction, simplifying rebar and increasing climbing rate of formwork
  • Additional extra floors
  • Construction schedule cut
  • Generation of considerable economic benefits