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„As a leading producer of plastic parts, Heinze Group has decided to open up new innovative markets and to make available the enormous potential of plastic to other branches. Insofar it was only logical to include Cobiax into the Heinze Group. Cobiax produces light hollow body modules; using 100% recycled plastic as material base. The Heinze Group subsidiaries and independent sales partners commercialize void former systems with and without the use of prestressing technology. The patented technology replaces the massive cement within a reinforced concrete ceiling and makes a ceiling considerably lighter in weight. With the knowledge and the capacities of the Heinze Group, we give Cobiax all possibilities to revolutionize the concrete construction worldwide. “ Volkmar Wanninger - Managing Director

Cobiax. Concrete ceilings produced much lighter than before.

Why can a bird fly? Quite simple: The bird`s bones form a solid framework together with hollow cavities and braces. A bird carries no superfluous weight with it; yet the bird`s framework remains completely stable. The Cobiax idea follows this ingenious principle of nature: Maximum weight optimization without any loss of static power. The Cobiax advantage in other words: With Cobiax you can build buildings in a much more flexible and economic way with a more efficient material usage and sustainability – at full static performance. The Cobiax advantage is highlighted by several international awards in the last years: Talk to us: We look forward to hearing from you.

A brilliant idea becomes a success model worldwide.

In construction work, cement is by far the biggest volume and support carrier. A reduction of cement as the most energy intensive material is of course particularly effective. Therefore, more and more builders, architects and structural engineers actively use the Cobiax technology, ranging from single-family homes up to bigger buildings and ceiling manufacturers. Only in the year 2013, more than 1.2 million square meters of ceilings were built with Cobiax. As per today, the volumes have doubled and our volume forecasts are even increasing.