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“By integrating the Krallmann competences into the Heinze Group, the high demand of the market for innovative products can be realized more timely and professionally.” Jörg Tilmes – Managing Director

Shaping innovations - conquering new markets.

Looking ahead, calling ingrained thought patterns, abandoning them and bravely breaking new ground: the Krallmann Group clears the way for innovative technologies and production processes, new tool concepts and convincing, marketable products. Innovation means growth - and growth creates the basis for new innovations! This guideline shapes the conviction and determines the actions of every single employee at Krallmann.



IMKS® is the versatile process for the production of electronic functional parts. IMKS® is capable of conducting electricity, shielding electromagnetic waves, sensor technology, receiving radio waves, contacting consumers and even conducting heat and cold. Find out more about IMKS® at

K-Fix® are extremely versatile fasteners which can be inserted into particle-foam moulding tools. They are made unique through the firm bond between injection-moulded parts (threads, holes, hinges, etc.) and the expanded foam housing. Find out more about K-Fix® at

Particle foam composite injection molding (PCIM) is the process in which not only K-Fix® elements are manufactured. This groundbreaking technology will play an increasingly important role in the future, as weight saving is essential, especially in the area of electromobility. Read more about particle foam compound injection molding at


High Precision Tool Making at its best!

Like no other company, Krallmann has an integrated range of experience in toolmaking and production-optimized plastic injection molding. The result of many years of experience is, on the one hand, our high quality standards for our own services and, on the other hand, the curiosity to discover new things and improve existing ones. So we always strive to be one step ahead of the times and to offer our customers innovative technologies, products, tool concepts and manufacturing processes. High-cavity, high-speed tools, realization of very complex surfaces and contours and image accuracy in the μ & nano range are just a few of many interesting cornerstones of our work.

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