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“By integrating the Krallmann competences into the Heinze Group, the high demand of the market for innovative products can be realized more timely and professionally.” Jörg Tilmes – Managing Director

Krallmann has had an outstanding reputation in the field of plastics processing for many years. In its very own plastic processing facilities, the team of over 60 highly qualified employees produces complex plastic components for clients in a very wide range of industries. A modern, versatile machine pool with clamping forces of 30 – 450 t serves to manufacture single-component and multi-component articles, which generally have complex structures or production processes.

Know-how in various product areas

Over many decades, Krallmann acquired comprehensive knowledge in a wide range of fields in plastics processing.

These include:

  • Packaging products: Thin-walled articles are manufactured using highly automated machines with high-speed, high-cavitation molds for the food and cosmetic industries
  • Technical parts: Krallmann manufactures single-component and multi-component articles with a wide range of materials, such as the overmolding of metal inserts (insert technique)
  • Multi-component articles: Hard and soft components are combined for the packaging and automobile industries, including materials such as TPE and PP
  • Thick-walled parts with high quality requirements for optical applications and the automobile industry

Material knowledge

Thanks to its decades of experience in the handling of various plastics, the Krallmann team is able to advise its clients competently and efficiently on the selection of materials.


As in all production areas, the experts in plastics processing ensure an optimal price-performance ratio during project planning — in order to ensure their client’s competitive advantage.

High production and hygiene standards

Quality, orderly processes and cleanliness are the top priority in plastics processing, and Krallmann meticulously demands and checks compliance with them. The company is certified according to quality standard ISO 9001, environmental management standard ISO 14001 and energy management standard ISO 50001.