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“We have over four decades of experience in surface finishing and chroming of technical and decorative plastic components of different designs and finishing layers. We have an output of more than 20 million parts per year and have established ourselves as one of the best contracted electroplaters. What can we do for you?” Tilo Schönewolf - Key Account Manager Electroplating

If you can’t trust your eyes, don’t worry. It is our precision that is responsible.

We are always proud of the fact that our electroplated components meet the demands of the strictest quality controls. Behind this success is the specialty of SMK. We are convinced that expertise and in-house production of tailor made samples and serial jigs are the source of success in the electroplating business. We spare no effort to increase yield and to deliver the perfect electroplated products, whether it be for minor quantities or high volume series productions.

Why SMK contracted electroplating is worth it.

It is not by accident Bentley, Porsche, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes are our customers. For these OEM designers SMK is a first choice for electroplating their technically demanding exterior and interior components. We fulfil the strictest VDA quality checks and take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We are proud that the regulatory authorities, the certification agencies, and our customers honor this.